Equip Your Exhibition With Audiovisual

A/V makes a visual impact.

Audiovisual exhibitions are unique. Audiovisual combines audio and visual technologies to enhance the audience experience. An exhibition’s audiovisual integration can give a unique digital experience. Virtual and augmented reality engage and educate visitors. Interactive displays and audio technologies provide information to all clients.


Top 5 AV Ideas for Your Next Exhibition

These are the five important audiovisual items for your forthcoming performance, such as TVs or LED walls. This is helpful for first-time exhibitors because it covers the whole exhibition process.

  1. Touchscreens- Touchscreens are navigated by touching. Customers will question how everything works and then interact with the screen. Instead of a mouse, you’ll touch the screen to navigate. Touchscreens may be built to seem like part of bespoke show stands’ design. This will give your viewers a polished, professional look.
  2. LEDs- Indoors and outdoors, the LED wall may be employed. Indoor and outdoor LED displays are available. Each panel type has its own set of features. To give it a professional touch, recess the walls so that once the panels are inserted, they sit flush with the face of your wall, creating the appearance that they are part of the wall. You may stagger the panels to create a pixelated effect due to its flexibility.
  3. Projectors- Installation projectors provide ultra-high image quality for immersive experiences in any location. Due to their flexible installation, vivid color performance, and centralized management, these projectors are ideal for art shows.
  4. Digital Kiosks- Digital kiosks are freestanding touch-screen monitors with an aesthetically attractive frame. Interactive kiosks bring exhibitions to life and engage visitors. Kiosks deepen visitors’ engagement with exhibitions and enrich their experience.
  5. Holograms- Hologram is an event ice-breaker. They can be in the shape of a fan or a projector within a display plinth, providing the illusion of a floating picture. It increases viewership, dwell time, and emotional involvement.

Why engage Team DOREMi to AV your exhibits?


Your audiovisual team should have substantial client experience. This ensures a seamless procedure. Companies with decades of industrial experience know how to tackle complex problems properly.

Tech support.

Your exhibition’s audiovisual installation doesn’t end with equipment installation. Complex AV systems can cause complications. Reputable audiovisual installers offer continuing support in case of system damage. Team DOREMi is always ready for live events.


Audiovisual installation is never one-size-fits-all. Each client’s facilities and requirements are unique, thus your audiovisual installation company must supply dynamic, imaginative solutions. Creating custom solutions requires a deep grasp of audiovisual technology.


Our professionals can answer inquiries about audiovisual setups. DOREMi events has more than four decades of experience providing audiovisual solutions to government and commercial organizations. We offer continuing support and IT services in addition to expertise and unique solutions. Contact us for further information or a quote.

Adding A/V gadgets impacts the whole picture visually.

The incorporation of audiovisual exhibits differs from that in any other context. Ultimately, the purpose of audiovisual is to combine audio and visual technology to improve the audience’s experience. Audiovisual integration in an exhibition may offer an immersive digital experience unlike any other. The incorporation of virtual and augmented reality technology engages visitors and helps information learning. Furthermore, interactive displays and innovative audio technology ensure that all clients have access to information.


Don’t worry about the AV for your display; DOREMi will handle all you need. We provide a large selection of plasma displays, projectors, screens, desktop computer bundles, and portable computer notebooks available for rent. The addition of audio visual technology to your show stand will boost its aesthetic appeal and lend credibility to your brand. They also provide your staff and consumers with more ease of access.

Top 5 Must-Have Audiovisual Equipment at Your Next Exhibition

These are the five essential pieces of audiovisual equipment for your upcoming show; they might be as simple as televisions or as sophisticated as LED walls. This may be useful for first-time exhibitors, as it covers the whole exhibition procedure to ensure that you are well-prepared for success.

  • Touchscreens

Touchscreens, are a screen that can be navigated by touching and using your hands. These are excellent for engaging with customers, as they will ask you how everything works and then engage with the screen themselves. It will function similarly to a desktop computer, but instead of using a mouse, you will navigate by touching the screen with your hands.

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Touchscreens may be included into bespoke exhibition stands because they can be constructed such that they appear to be a part of the booth’s design. This will offer a polished, professional appearance that will impress your audience.

  • LED walls

The LED wall may be used both indoors and outdoors. LED displays may be utilized both indoors and outdoors. Each panel type possesses a distinct set of properties suited to its intended function.

You would utilize an LED wall because of its seamless joints and high-quality display on a wide scale; to give it a professional finish, you could recess the walls so that after the panels are put, they would sit flush with the face of your wall, giving the illusion that they are part of the wall. As a result of its flexibility, you may be inventive and stagger the panels to produce a pixelated look.

  • Projectors

Installation projectors are designed to give ultra-high image quality for an immersive experience in venues of any size. These projectors are suitable for breathtaking art displays due to their great installation flexibility, lifelike color performance, and centralized administration.


  • Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks are freestanding displays that may be navigated through touch, similar to touchscreens, but the screen is encased in an aesthetically pleasing framework.

Interactive kiosks for exhibitions are an excellent method to bring exhibitions to life and more meaningfully engage visitors. Kiosks enable visitors to engage more deeply with exhibitions and can enhance their experience in a variety of ways.

  • Holograms

The hologram is the event’s true ice-breaker. Because of this innovative technology, they can be in the shape of a fan or a projector within a display plinth, giving the illusion that an image is floating in the air.

It can boost the number of audience, increase dwell time and create emotional engagement for people.

Why kit your exhibitions with Audiovisuals?

The utilization of audiovisual equipment opens you a world of possibilities for showcasing your wares, including but not limited to: engaging visuals, central brand messaging, product debuts, contests, presentations, and product demonstrations. Expertly meeting those essential show objectives, giving maximum impact, and enhancing visitor attraction are all things that may be accomplished with the expertise of our in-house exhibition stand designers.

Good audio is necessary. A consumer can be won or lost at a trade show or event based on the quality of the brand message presented. With even just a cheap monitor, you can provide them with a picture of your product or service.

When compared to the distracting personal information and useless screensavers your team members are likely to have on corporate PC’s, a clean, uncluttered PC or laptop presents a more professional image. If you go with our PC or laptop, you won’t have to worry about any of the technical difficulties that are bound to arise right before your big presentation. We realize that the last thing you need is a technical problem or a mad dash to locate a lost lead.

DOREMi provides a professional, hassle-free, and dependable service, and our audio visual and PC/laptop packages include installation, maintenance, and removal from the venue after the event. We’ve got experience working with companies of all sizes and for a wide variety of purposes, so you know you can trust us. 

In short, equip AV at your exhibition to:

  1. Display the big picture. Audiovisual content may reveal tales or provide historical background, offering a new level of interpretation to your display.
  2. Create an immersive environment. Large-scale projections can heighten the emotional response to your show.
  3. The main point should be highlighted. What is the backstory of your exhibit? Within an exhibition, case study videos can assist your viewers to gain a better knowledge of the artifacts on display.
  4. Make collections come to life. Here at DOREMi, we have the ability to bring your products or artwork to life, whether it’s showing an artist at work, or locating and editing simple films.
  5. Team of experts. We are enthusiastic about the fine arts, science, and history. Whatever your requirements are, our highly qualified technicians and producers will understand you and rise to the occasion.
  6. Specialized equipment. We have the tools to assist you to reach your goals regardless of the filming situation. From wide-screened TV’s to projection screens to bring your audience closer to the exhibits, to gimbals and drones to provide a larger framework for your display.

Why should you hire Team DOREMi to equip your exhibitions with audiovisual? 

Proven Experience. 

The audiovisual crew that you select should have extensive experience dealing with a variety of clients. This guarantees that the procedure will run smoothly. Companies with decades of expertise in production understand how to manage complicated difficulties and have demonstrated their ability to handle difficult circumstances professionally.

Technical Maintenance and Support. 

The installation of audiovisuals onto your exhibitions does not end with the installation of your equipment. Given the complexity of AV systems, there is always the possibility of problems occurring. Reputable audiovisual system installers provide ongoing assistance in the case of system breakdown or damage. That is why our Team DOREMi is always on standby during your live events.

Adaptable Solutions. 

Installation of audiovisual technology is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Each client’s facilities and requirements are unique, thus the audiovisual installation business with whom you work must provide dynamic, inventive solutions. To create bespoke solutions, however, needs an in-depth understanding of how audiovisual technologies interact. Ensure that the audiovisual integrators with whom you deal have expertise in developing bespoke solutions for a variety of clients and locations.

All in all, 

If you have any questions concerning the specifics of audiovisual installations, our experts are here to assist you. At DOREMi events, we have more than four decades of expertise delivering audiovisual solutions for organizations in a variety of industries, including government institutions and commercial enterprises. In addition to providing our clients with the knowledge and customized solutions, we are also pleased to offer ongoing support and IT services. 

To learn more or for a quotation, please contact our team now.

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