Say Goodbye to Dull Hari Raya Events!

Hari Raya Decoration at 1Utama

Hari Raya is a significant festival for Muslims as it marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Malls and organizations will organize Raya events, including carnivals, workshops like batik painting, crafting Raya cards and making batu seremban, contests like ketupat weaving, colouring contests, kids’ Raya fashion show, and performances like traditional dances, live music, and star performances. Malaysians can surely have a lot of fun during this Raya festive!

However, with all malls holding Raya events to attract customers, how can your mall stand out from the crowd?

The solution is to hire an event production service. 


With top-notch event equipment like lighting and sound systems, audiovisual systems, and well-planned staging, you can create stunning effects during your workshops, contests, and live performances. 

Customers will be astonished by your events if you invest in high-quality equipment. 

The visual and sound effects produced by professional event specialists using top-notch equipment will not disappoint. This is where you need a professional event production management company like DOREMi to help you. 

DOREMi only rents high-quality equipment and provides qualified technicians to operate the system, allowing you to sit down and enjoy your Raya event with the public!

Some equipment you need to create engaging Raya events is:


Sound System 

A high-quality sound system is crucial for Raya events at malls because malls are crowded indoor spaces that can amplify noise. 

A good sound system ensures that every participant in workshops and contests can hear the MC’s voice. Besides, the MC’s voice can be projected effectively at varying levels to engage the public and encourage their participation in Raya events. 

A good sound system is also vital for Raya’s live performances as poor sound quality can distort the music and songs. 

DOREMi can help you create immersive and enjoyable Raya events by renting the most suitable sound system for your events and operating the system. We are professional in managing sound systems to make stunning impacts for your Raya events.


LED Displays

LED displays have various uses in Raya events, such as acting as backdrops. LED backdrops have become popular recently because they can display more information and can be modified and changed easily. 

LED displays can be used to show the theme of Raya events, training given to participants in workshops, names of participants and winners in contests, and the work of contestants. 

DOREMi can customize LED display screens for your Raya events, and our audiovisual system can help you control LED screens easily.


Staging Structure

Staging is the focal point of your Raya events, so it is crucial to design a creative, eye-catching, and engaging stage. 

DOREMi has experience in building stages for a wide range of events and can design and build customized stages that cater to your needs for Raya events, whether they are workshops, fashion shows, contests, or live performances. 

Our stage is built according to the standards of ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, making it safe and sturdy for use.


Lighting System

The lighting system is an essential element of Raya fashion shows as it can create stunning visual effects and direct people’s attention toward the stage. Good lighting can uplift the mood of your runway and help people focus on the models. 

The lighting system is also crucial for Raya’s live performances and traditional dance performances to create the right atmosphere and help people engage with the performers. 

DOREMi has a wide range of lighting equipment and can design lighting effects that match your Raya theme, performance themes, and activities. Rest assured that our team of event specialists will provide you with detailed explanations and assist you in designing the optimal lighting plan for your Raya events, even if you lack prior knowledge in this area.


In conclusion, your Raya events may fall flat even with a creative idea if they lack good equipment and technicians. Collaborating with an experienced event production management team like DOREMi can take your Raya event to the next level and increase your reputation. In Hari Raya 2023, engage with your customers with interesting events supported by #TeamDOREMi.


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