Stunning FIFA World Cup 2022 Performances. How do they do it?

Stunning FIFA World Cup 2022 Performances. How do they do it?

Argentina was declared world champions after a thrilling penalty shootout in Lusail Stadium ended a World Cup widely regarded as one of the best ever. DOREMi Events presents five things that blew us away with their event production from the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. webp to jpg scaled

Picture was taken from FIFA.  

1. The Opening set-up 

Their event space was intended to provide a panoramic view of the Doha cityscape across the sea. For the projection, a 40x12m screen constructed of transparent material was employed. We utilized a cloth as a second projection surface to conceal the countdown clock. The set with translucent gauze and the clock cover, 500 synchronized drones, light and sound, and performers provided a multidimensional image for the camera lenses. The finest part is that the reveal was accomplished with ultra-light fabric and two high-speed reveal winches, resulting in the most stunning “curtain opening” moment.

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Picture was taken from EUROSPORT

2. Massive screens for 60K people

The presentation of the FIFA Cup 2022 opening ceremony was watched by 60,000 spectators, fans, and event participants. Qatar was able to display the cultural diversity of the Arab area through traditional themes, settings, and costumes thanks to its magnificent pyrotechnic acts and wonderfully choreographed performances.

They worked on the construction of six 140-meter-long catenary wires spanning the stadium’s roof, as well as the Showtex roll-up screens.

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Pictures was taken from PSLN Magazine

3. Lighting

36 Robe Tetra Bar 2, 120 Clay Paky B-Eye K20, 72 Elation Proteus Hybrid, 42 Robe BMFL Blade, and 40 Astera Titan Tube were installed in the depicted lighting configuration.

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Picture was taken from Stadia

4. Audio system

Sennheiser’s wireless microphone and receiver systems from the top Digital 9000 range, as well as the EW 300-IEM Series in-ear monitors, were used over 16 channels. In addition, the multichannel audio receiver, which serves as the system’s heart, was selected because it can offer uncompressed digital audio transmission while maximizing spectral efficiency and transmission safety. The receiver system’s receiver modules span the UHF band, including up to eight receiving channels in the system unit’s enclosure.

The portable transmitters SKM-9000 will be used in conjunction with an MMK-965 genuine condenser capsule. It includes a switchable pick-up pattern that allows it to be cardioid or super cardioid. This will be critical for pitch-side reporting and announcements throughout the stadium.

In addition to the handheld microphones, presenters will be mic’d up with Sennheiser’s EarSet 1 head mics and the SK-9000 transmitter, which will aid to guarantee that presenters are heard above the crowd due to their proximity to the sound source versus a lapel mic. Sennheiser directional antennae have also been put 30 meters above the playing area on the catwalk.


5. Live broadcast

Apart from the widely acclaimed sound quality, FIFA 2022 featured the finest live broadcast.

The installation of tactical fiber and SMPTE cable makes Al-Bayt compliant with the most recent broadcast technology, which will be especially crucial when the World Cup begins to be broadcast live to over 200 nations worldwide. The wiring will also ensure that the stadium has the infrastructure to produce live broadcasts for many years to come.


All in all, 

With hundreds of millions of TV viewers watching live, there is no room for error. Thrilling commentary, pitch-side reporting, the noise of the crowd, and the sounds of all the on-field action are all necessary components of the viewing experience. Poor audio quality or technological glitches can stymie this, undermining the enormous work that goes into organizing such events.

So keep in mind that high-quality visuals and music go hand in hand. This is shown in their choice and application of the most modern wireless microphone systems. With our in-house team of cable professionals working onsite, the installation is as simple as abc.

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